Why Choose QPoD

The world's first high volume production unit driven by QSuite automation.

User Friendly

From dynamic job scheduling to automated part removal, QPoD makes it easy to print plastic parts in-house. Prioritize jobs from multiple users, matching printer specs to part requirements.

Fits Anywhere

Compact 9-printer unit produces 100,000 small parts/year in 10 sqft with no on-site operator. Automated part delivery can be easily integrated with existing assembly or manufacturing lines.

Built To Scale

Modular, durable and flexible, QPoD adapts to any environment. Powered by QSuite, the system handles multiple jobs from multiple users and can even adjust production schedules as QPoDs are added or priorities change.

End-to-End Automation

QPoD is a three-part solution that automates plastic 3D printing. Seamlessly integrated using QSuite’s cloud-based smart automation software, it delivers 24/7 continuous production for printing high volumes of plastic parts in-house - from job scheduling to unfettered (removed from the print bed) part delivery.

Control Panel

Powered by QSuite automation technology, QPoD allows remote management of all printers and jobs. Operators can use the control panel to monitor and control scheduling and production, providing full reporting as each job.

Number of users: Unlimited

Number of jobs: Unlimited

Design Constraints: None

Fits Anywhere

With 9 FFF printers, QPoD provides end-users with ultimate flexibility. Using integrated smart automation technology by QSuite, QPoD can manage a variety of printers with any combination of materials, filament colors and nozzles.

Build envelope: 220 x 220 x 250mm

Minimum layer height: 0.05mm (50 μm)

Dimensions: 71” x 20” x 71”

Built To Scale

Using QSuite’s automated part removal technology, QPoD delivers parts, resets the printer and starts the next print job while parts are transported on the built-in conveyor system to the collection area, ready for the next step in production.

Print Adhesion: Strong

Consumables: None

Part Removal: None

Special Features

Seamlessly integrated using QSuite’s cloud-based smart automation software, QPoD delivers 24/7 continuous production for printing high volumes of plastic parts in-house - from job scheduling to unfettered part delivery.


Mix and match extrusion nozzles. QSuite matches print job specifications with the matching available printer.


Upload the gcode file and QPoD does the rest from printer scheduling to print bed levelling - no operator needed.


Automated release means no damage to parts, print bed or operator during part removal from the print bed.


Bulk orders must be placed weeks or months in advance. QSuite reduces lead time to days or hours.


Get the parts you need when you need them with on-demand production right in your office or plant.


Economy changed? New competitor product? No problem. Cancel current jobs, upload new parts. Adapt instantly.

The Benefits

Using QSuite’s smart automation software, QPoD delivers parts 24/7.


QPoD eliminates or reduces the need for molds, outsourcing, shipping, warehousing, and material handling.


Made in-house builds your local economy by bringing production, jobs and profits back home.


No shipping, no warehousing, no overproduction or obsolescence, and compatible with bioplastics.

How It Works

Using QSuite smart automation software, QPoD delivers 3D printed parts 24/7.


Models in the queue are matched to available printers by priority, material, and nozzle type. QPoD then sets up the printer from file upload to calibration.


Layer-by-layer plastic parts are made using thermoplastic filament. Print status is continuously monitored and reported to operators throughout the job.


Secure, enterprise-grade software schedules, monitors and reports, providing end-to-end management of all QPoD printers - no matter where they are.


Finished parts are automatically deposited onto the built-in conveyor belts and delivered to collection bins. The next compatible model is then uploaded.

Smart Automation Powered by QSuite

Smart automation software for end-to-end autonomous production. It manages every step of production from printer scheduling to production management and reporting, producing high volumes of plastic parts without expensive robotics, consumables or a dedicated operator.

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Strong Adhesion and Hands-Free Part Removal

QSuite's proprietary technology provides strong adhesion for quality prints and completely autonomous removal of finished parts, support materials and scrap.

High Volume Production With The QPoD

For the first time, automated plastic 3D printing delivering on-demand at unit costs that rival traditional manufacturing. No more redesigning your ideal part to suit the manufacturing process. Continuous digital thread means you can scale seamlessly from prototype to production volumes.

Limited Availability

Pre-Production Units Available Now