3D Printing Beyond Prototyping

Low Volume Production — High Volume Discounts

No Scraping. No Taping. No Parts Breaking.

3DQue has developed the first entirely automated FFF system. Hands-free, fully autonomous part ejection. It is an entirely non-invasive process: no damage to parts, no consumables, no manual labour.

3DQue Platform

We are committed to end-game FFF manufacturing — introducing the QPoD platform.

Building on our core process, we've developed a suite of technologies that can be implemented in any FFF printer.

Manage entire production runs remotely and automatically coordinate the simultaneous manufacture of many unique parts, all on a single fleet of QPoD machines. Automated scheduling and resource allocation ensures you get the parts you need exactly when you need them.

Cost Effective

Cost-competitive with injection moulding from dozens to tens-of-thousands of parts. Bring manufacturing in-house and shed the weight of complicated supply chains.

Fully Autonomous

24/7 manufacturing. Upload your files. Pick them up when they're done. Hands-free from design to finished part. Remote control lets you monitor production wherever you are.

Just in Time

Make parts as you need them, no need for inventory. The QPoD Platform is modular and meets your needs at a moment's notice. React to changes in market demand real-time.

3DQue VS 3DP & Injection Moulding

1 Machine, 277 Parts — case study

A single printer was assigned 277 parts. It ran continuously — unsupervised for 243 hours (~10 days). No defects, no downtime.

  • Material
  • Dimensions
  • Resolution
  • Tolerance
  • Weight
  • Waste
  • PLA
  • 25 x 25 x 25mm
  • 0.15mm Layer Height
  • ±0.2%
  • 2.7g
  • 0.02g

Cost Comparison

  Run Cost Unit Cost Delivery
3DQue $246 $0.89 10 Days
3D Printing $717 $2.75 19 Days
Injection Moulding
(Process Only)
$459 $1.65 16 Days
Injection Moulding
(With Mould)
$17450 $63.00 60 Days

Come see it yourself!

We'll be launching at Rapid + TCT in Detroit on May 20-23. Booth #1756. Try out the 3DQue Platform and have your parts actually printed at our interactive demo.

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