QPoD is the first mass production 3D printing unit. Powered by QSuite, a single QPoD can produce up to 100,000 parts per annum in only 10 sqft. QPoD is ideal for in-house production of plastic parts.

Each QPoD system provides 78,840 autonomous print-hours/year or up to 864 small parts/week.
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QSuite is an end-to-end suite of proprietary hardware and software compatible with most FFF 3D printers. With QSuite, upload any number of models, and the finished parts will be ready to pick up anytime in the collection area.

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The Need for Automation

Leaner Production

No need to outsource means just-in-time inventory, no freight, less warehousing and material handling, and lower cost.

Green Manufacturing

Less plastic in each part, less waste, less overproduction, less freight, less shipping ... better for the planet.

Reshore Production

Bring production in-house; create jobs in your community all while saving on freight, taxes and working capital.

Limited Availability

Pre-Production Units Available Now